Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why The Swastika On A Red Flag With White Disc?

Many people today don’t know why Adolf Hitler chose the flag that he did, so I decided to post this from what I read in “Mein Kampf” his words on why he chose the swastika on the red flag with a white disc.  

I agree with him tremendously on why he did this and it makes sense to keep the flag to show that we too understand why he did it.  It stands for something many do not understand and refuse to learn on their own; however history is something that should not be forgotten.  We all can learn from the past which in turn could pave the way for a greater future as long as we don’t make the same mistakes. 

Furthermore, I too have served under the Red, White and Blue flag, however, I know now it’s nothing more but a trademark and something that is not even fully respected anymore.  It is dragged in the dirt and disrespected all over this country as well as the world.  Nobody fears it anymore and many use it to only grab attention to those who still believe it’s in “good standing.”

I did love the flag until I learned that it only stands for Israel and all of those who really hate the U.S., therefore I don’t associate myself with it much anymore.  The flag of the National Socialist shows not only respect for oneself, but for the country that it stands for.  It is something we should embrace and love dearly for the fact it represents everything that we stand for.  Those who oppose it have either no clue of it’s true meaning or they are the pro-Israel puppets that they’ve become over the years.  I’m glad I didn’t get sucked in.

Now for the section of “Mein Kampf”:


“The question of the new flag, that is to say the form and appearance it must take, kept us very busy in those days. Suggestions poured in from all quarters, which although well meant were more or less impossible in practice. The new flag had not only to become a symbol expressing our own struggle but on the other hand it was necessary that it should prove effective as a large poster. All those who busy themselves with the tastes of the public will recognize and appreciate the great importance of these apparently petty matters. In hundreds of thousands of cases a really striking emblem may be the first cause of awakening interest in a movement.”

“For this reason we declined all suggestions from various quarters for identifying our movement by means of a white flag with the old State or rather with those decrepit parties whose sole political objective is the restoration of past conditions. And, apart from this, white is not a colour capable of attracting and focusing public attention. It is a colour suitable only for young women’s associations and not for a movement that stands for reform in a revolutionary period.”

“Black was also suggested – certainly well-suited to the times, but embodying no significance to empress the will behind our movement. And, finally, black is incapable of attracting attention.”

“White and blue was discarded, despite its admirable æsthetic appeal – as being the colours of an individual German Federal State – a State that, unfortunately, through its political attitude of particularist narrow-mindedness did not enjoy a good reputation. And, generally speaking, with these colours it would have been difficult to attract attention to our movement. The same applies to black and white.”

“Black, red and gold did not enter the question at all.”

“And this also applies to black, white and red for reasons already stated. At least, not in the form hitherto in use. But the effectiveness of these three colours is far superior to all the others and they are certainly the most strikingly harmonious combination to be found.”

“I myself was always for keeping the old colours, not only because I, as a soldier, regarded them as my most sacred possession, but because in their aesthetic effect, they conformed more than anything else to my personal taste. Accordingly I had to discard all the innumerable suggestions and designs which had been proposed for the new movement, among which were many that had incorporated the swastika into the old colours. I, as leader, was unwilling to make public my own design, as it was possible that someone else could come forward with a design just as good, if not better, than my own. As a matter of fact, a dental surgeon from Starnberg submitted a good design very similar to mine, with only one mistake, in that his swastika with curved corners was set upon a white background.”

“After innumerable trials I decided upon a final form – a flag of red material with a white disc bearing in its centre a black swastika. After many trials I obtained the correct proportions between the dimensions of the flag and of the white central disc, as well as that of the swastika. And this is how it has remained ever since.” – ‘MEIN KAMPF’ Volume II Chapter VII


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