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Louisiana Confederate Flag

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Syringe Found In Stuffed Animal At Local Fair

Monroe Police are awaiting test results on a syringe that was found inside a stuffed animal from the Ark La Miss Fair.
Spokesperson Tarra Smith said a child who returned home from the fair last week discovered a syringe inside a stuffed animal that was won on the midway.
Smith said the cap was still on the syringe and the contents remain unknown pending the results of the analysis.
Police say they do not know from which game the prize was won.
The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Test results are expected by early next week.


Well, I for one refuse to go to the fair with my family not only because of the medical issues I have, but because of the unsanitary rides and such.  Every time I went growing up, there was never a time that I didn’t see someone hurling on the rides or having nose bleeds and such.  Now we have to worry about our children winning a stuffed animal and finding a syringe in them?  What in the world are these people thinking? 

These parish/county fairs need to have better hygienic codes or something.  I have heard numerous times that the people who control the games and rides at these  types of fairs are ex-cons and such.  Some of the ex-cons I can see trying to start a new life and bettering themselves.  The dope heads won’t change their attitudes unless they are placed in a serious institution that gets great results.  It goes to show there’s not much places safe for our children these days no matter where you go.

People should have better common sense when it comes to hygienic type activities when putting on these types of festivals.  It’s really sad that we as parents have to worry about our children getting a hold of things like this or contracting some type of deadly disease due to lack of proper cleanings and such.

What if the kid decided that he wanted to play doctor, took the cap off and either stuck a family member with it?  What then?  Society really needs a real check of themselves and how far they will go before they begin to say, “Enough Is Enough!” 

In a NS world, fairs and festivals like these would be safer than what they are now.  You wouldn’t have to worry about things like this ever.  We promote a safer and cleaner environment for our children so they will have a better life than what we had in this generation we live in today.  If you are fed up with things like this and all of the other negative things that are going on with society today, you should join the American Nazi Party and let your voice be heard.   Remember, you can remain anonymous and let those of us who are willing to show ourselves do the talking for you.  All I ask is you support us and do what’s right for you and your family’s future.  It’s up to you to decide.  To learn more on how to support us, go to this link here:  http://anp14.com/support/index.php

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