Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Thursday, September 13, 2012

If You Attack Our Countrymen, Then Face The Wrath Of Our Countrymen!!

I’m sure many of you have already heard on the news about what happened at the embassy in Cairo.  If not, this link will sum it up: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/14/world/middleeast/egypt-not-libya-may-be-bigger-challenge-for-white-house.html?pagewanted=all 

The leaders of this nation are failing to retaliate because they are either too soft or only care about the election in November.  Whatever the case may be, American lives were taken and this is something National Socialists would eagerly get revenge for such heinous acts.   

Start watching how Romney and Obama will start speaking here in the next few days and you’ll see both will not only lie but will show their true cowardly colors in the face of the nation, yet people will still flock to them because of the lies and popularity they have.  Why be one of the idiots who would embrace such things as this when you could actually act like a true Patriot and stand up for this country most say they love?  Is it wrong to punish those who are willing to kill our people with no remorse or is it better to just “turn the other cheek?”   

This is a time to see who the True Red Blooded Americans are and who are the cowards who only say such patriotic words just for the mere fact it “sounds cool.”  These attacks not only hurt me emotionally, but they make me want to strike fear into those who believe they can kill our people and nothing will happen to them. 

I had this happen to me when I was in Iraq 2010.  The first time we were mortared, we were told we could not retaliate because we wanted to win the hearts and minds of the people.  How in the world do you expect to win the hearts and minds of those who want nothing more than to see you die in cold blood?  That’s just as bad as a rape victim hugging the very person who committed the rape on them.   

Show how strong you are by joining the American Nazi Party.  Show the rest of the country you are not a mindless robot walking amongst the people and you really have a brain to think.  Show them you know right from wrong and that any country that believes they can get away with such things that they will have something to fear once National Socialism is put into office. 

For your entertainment and for history buffs out there; check out this video below and see if what you were told in school is clearly accurate compared to the words of the Leader himself.


  1. Comrade, consider this fact, that it was zoglings who were attacked, in a country that they attacked first. If America followed the Monroe Doctrine, instead of invading and sticking their nose into every other countries business, the American people would be better off. True American patriots need not be knee jerk nationalists, who defend zogs policies. The old platatude of 'my country right or wrong', was what led the U.S. to destroy NS Germany, was obviously not in the best interests of White America. We are paying for that attitude today. Zog is turning the whole world against America, and I'm not going to defend zog! When America itself is attacked, I'll defend my family, but I don't want my children dying somewhere off in BFE, to promote the greed and rapacity of Judeo-Capitalist exploitation. 88!

  2. I understand where you're coming from and I too don't want my kids having to go fight for what Zog is wanting. But even today, the British Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan wasattacked and the German Embassy was stormed by hundreds of protestors. Which brings me to the conclusion a war is about to be brought onto our shores whether we want to accept it or not. This may be brought on by Zog, however, now it's going to be up to us to fight back to actually save our families. That's what I actually meant by rise up and protect the country as countrymen. The more they see us turn the other cheek, the more they will feel they can destroy us without much resistance, which in my book is pure cowardice in it's pure form. Screw fighting in the Middle East, however brace for a war here in the very near future.

  3. We shouldn't have been there in Egypt and the middle-east in the first place....

  4. America, Britain, Germany, are all controlled by the zog. Heck, they are enemies of their own people. I'll never lift a finger to protect these international, globalist, jew capitalists! HH!


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