Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dark Secrets

I know I’m supposed to throw a lot of things out there that are happening here in Louisiana, however, not much is going on here.  Everyone here is focused on the upcoming election in November and such that I refuse to post anything else about it.  You all know my feelings on the idiots running for office and if not, I suggest you go look at my previous topics to see my stance.

Now, I have something I really am proud to shed light on today.  I received a comment and instead of posting it to my page, I decided to answer the questions in a blog because I get this a lot.  This is the one I received recently, however I’m omitting their personal information for obvious reasons.

“No offense bro, but Hitler killed a lot of jews polish people.  I’m 100% Polish and I will like you to tell my why?  Ok, I know he hated Jews.  But what’s the reason for killing kids and babies?  I go white power all the way and I ain’t Jewish.”

Basically, I feel it is my obligation to answer these in a better light and shine a light on something nobody ever thinks about when these types of questions arise. 

The biggest thing people don’t understand is the fact Hitler never personally killed anyone while he was in power.  Just because he may have issued orders does not mean the people who were tasked with those orders had to carry them out to the full extent.  That’s like saying all of the bombers that flew over places like Dresden, Germany and bombed all of the innocent men, women and babies were by the hand of President Roosevelt.  The same goes for all of the innocent people that died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

There is something that is called collateral damage during war and that’s what happens; innocent people are killed as well.  The crazy part is, when people hear of WWII, they only think of the holocaust and such.  What about how the Americans rounded up all of the Japanese Americans and placed them in internment camps?  Basically, we had our own holocaust here as well because many of them died in captivity.

If anyone would pick up the book “12th SS” by Meyer, they will see there were many war crimes that the Allies committed against the German people.  There were numerous times that the Allies bombed vehicles with a Red Cross as well as Hospitals with the Red Cross painted on the roofs because they told the people doing the missions that the Germans were using that symbol to hide munitions and such.  In fact that was not the case, but that’s how the war was fought; it was to destroy the moral of the German People’s will to fight.

There is also an example of a battlefield when the 12th SS was fighting the Canadians.  They had a brief cease fire so each side could collect their dead.  The 12th SS honored their word and let the Canadians collect their dead.  But when the 12th SS soldiers went to do the same, they were fired upon and killed.  This was another example of the Allies trying to break the morale of the German fighting soldier. 

For anyone who wants to really know the horrors the Allies committed, I suggest reading these books:

1)      “12th SS”, Meyer

2)      “Blood Red Snow”, Gunter K. Koshorrek

3)      “U-Boat Adventures”, Wiggings

4)      “Panzer Commander”, Hans Von Luck (Rommel’s Adjutant)

5)      “Soldat”, Siegfried Knappe

6)      “Five Years, Four Fronts”, Georg Grossjohann

I am by no means a history professor; however I do understand what Hitler meant when he spoke about the victor of war writing history.  It’s very true and many things are left out to make the winner look as if they did nothing wrong during the war.

As far as the babies and children go on the Polish side, many were taken to Germany to be “Germanized.”  This is something I’ve read numerous times in various places, which makes me wonder if it’s true or not.  I know Hitler did not want the Jewish blood contaminating the rest of the population, so he immediately got rid of them.  He also got rid of the intellectuals because he feared them in making militias to fight against his forces that were in Poland.  What many people don’t know is the fact there were many Polish people who accepted the “Germanization” therefore joined the Wehrmacht and Police forces. Those who resisted were taking away.

Think of this.  We live in America and we want the illegal aliens to simply go away.  When National Socialism takes over, they will be given the ultimatum to go back to their countries of origin by a certain time just as the jews were given the same ultimatum.  After that time is up, what would you expect to happen if they willingly disobeyed your laws?  You wouldn’t simply go and negotiate with them; you would force them out by any means necessary.  There is no “sugar-coating” these types of actions.  They will put up a fight; therefore will cause fighting with our forces against their resistance.  Again, this will cause many innocent people to be killed, however that’s collateral damage.  If they didn’t want those people to die, then they would have complied with the law.  That’s how nature works.  Who are they to say what goes on in a country that they are not even a legal citizen of?  That would be like one of us going to their countries of origin and doing the same thing.  You would be an idiot if you thought for one second they wouldn’t commit some kind of atrocities on you and your family if you did not comply with their laws.

Hitler’s Germany was very powerful and when they went into countries, many times they were welcomed.  In the book, “Panzer Commander”, Russians actually cheered when Hans Von Luck showed up with his Panzer Division.  Before they arrived, the Russians weren’t allowed to hold Catholic Mass under Lenin’s and Stalin’s control.  They were beyond relieved when Hans Von Luck told them they could hold Catholic Mass.  He even went to one of the masses and was very impressed by what he saw.  These are the things you will never hear about from the Allies because you are only to know the harsh side of combat, but only on the opposing side. 

I can keep going on and on, but I am assuming that those who are reading this understand the dead horse that is getting beat repeatedly.  Remember, we are all human and we know as much as we want to know unless you are one of those who much rather believe what you are told by society.  Go out and do research on the things you think you may know and you’ll be surprised about how much you don’t really know at all.

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