Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Today has been crazy for me; however I have to post this due to someone who really got under my skin.  This is kind of a rant, but also knowledge that does not need to be passed up.

People who have disrespect our military, calling us ZOG puppets or what have you is nothing but words of treason in my book.  When we signed the dotted line, it was because we wanted to protect our nation, not ZOG as some put it.  We didn’t do it because our government thought it was something we had to do, but because we ourselves thought of it as a personal oath to the constitution and the people in this nation.  If you want to know what national pride is, go speak with a Veteran and ask what they thought of while in combat.  For me and a lot of others, it had nothing to do with the Politicians.  It dealt with the person on the left and right of you; the very thought of making sure they got back home alive to their families.

People who sit on the sidelines and thank us every time we return this country are kind of doing their part.  We are sick of coming home to a country that is being torn from the inside.  People want to know what they can do for us.  Well, it’s simple.  I heard this when I was a kid growing up. It came from Rambo, First Blood Part Two, close to the end.  What he said was this, “All I want is for our country to love us as much as we love it.”  If you hate those of us in the military, you are just as bad as the people coming here illegally and those who disrespect us, such as the Westboro Baptist Church. 

The American Nazi Party does care for the Veterans of this country and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, if you show support for them, you will be treated as a true American should be. 

I’m done with my rant, but check out my other posts and see where we stand when it comes to pride and passion for the U.S. and what it will mean for you if you become a supporter.

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  1. Damn straight comrade! And I thank & support you and everyone who signs the dotted line. It just goes to show that Patriotism is lost if all they got is the ZOG Puppet attack. Let them step foot on the battlefield when the bullets get to flying. You said it brother, politics goes right out the F'N window! Honestly comrade I think patriotism became a thing of the past when the Vietnam troops came home thinking people would be welcoming them home with a flag, instead they got total disrespect. My best friend is a Vietnam Vet and to this day he won't wear his Vietnam Vet hat because of that. Talk about politics huh...


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