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Louisiana Confederate Flag

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mix Breeding Animals

U.S. EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION:  http://www.usef.org/

The two listed links above have probably got you wondering what my agenda is.  Well, I’m going to make this a simple and basic topic that hits mixing of the breeds in a whole new light.

Today, I saw in the paper that there will be a dog show coming up here in North East Louisiana and it hit me, why do people spend so much money on these breeds to compete against each other?  Oh, that’s it; they spent a lot of money to make sure they got their “pure bred” dog that is trained to the best of its ability to go up against another kind of “pure bred” dog which has its training.  So what’s my point?

Well, the see the same goes for horse breeds as well.  That’s why I had to include that second link up at the top.  Everyone wants a pure bred animal because it’s considered to be the “top notch” animal and if it wins the competition, someone like Sallie Bigpants (fake name) can say, “My pure bred German Shepherd defeated your pure bred Poodle!”  Get my point?

Why in the world would we spend so much money on animals to make sure they are pure bred and trained to the best of their abilities, yet we let society tell us it is not right to have “pure White”?  They call us bigots and such, yet these are the same people that will spend close to $15,000 to make sure they have the best type of dog breed, in which most people consider these animals as human!!  That is complete hypocrisy at its finest, yet many don’t even point it out due to repercussions from those who have no clue about nature.

These shows want you to have pure breeds not because they are cute and cuddly; it’s because the pure breed keeps them strong and every time you mix it, it compromises its characteristics making it weaker.  That is why the Aryan should not be mixing with any other breed of human. 

This does not mean we can’t “be nice” and such.  It just means that we should educate those in society about examples such as these I listed above.  The greatest thing about nature is, it supplies us with numerous examples on how to be and it’s up to us to use it in our favor as legitimate proof of what we preach.


  1. Logically said, comrade. Those who would disagree with you would say that it's okay with dogs and horses because they're animals, not people. Humans ARE animals. We're just intelligent animals.

    Even if there is some kind of "Divine spark" in Man, our bodies are still subject to the same laws of nature as the animals. Inter-breeding is as harmful to dogs as it is to humans.

    Dan 88!

  2. Thanks so much for the great post, Bruder! WP 14/88 -Jase Case.

  3. It is very hard for people to grasp the concept that we are animals, I think. Most people are a gasp when I mention this to them. It's because we fail to follow the simple rules of nature that humans are destined for failure. Nature has it's way of correcting unbalances on its own, and if humans don't change then nature will change us.


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