Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mass Eye-Opener

Today, I could find nothing really important here in Louisiana beyond the normal things that are going on and that of which I posted yesterday.  So, I found two quotes from Adolf Hitler that I can use to sum up the things of the U.S. in today’s economy on the masses.

2)  “Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.”

Now, the first one is pretty much self-explanatory from the outside looking in, however difficult to understand if you are the one on the inside looking out.  What I mean by that is take National Socialism.  We as a whole of Americans learned about “Nazis” since we were in school and even today the same kind of hatred we were taught is still out there.  The funny part is, most much rather take the faith in everyone else’s word and not look into it for themselves.  They much rather have someone who has a lot of education “on paper” but what if you were to be different?  What if you looked into the information for yourself to see if what you were taught through school was true?  Then you will begin to question everything you were taught just because one lie begets many lies.  So, I’ll leave a video that I first watched and literally had to watch it all the way through, just to see if I could disprove it.  I will now give you that same privilege. 

Next, I will go to the second quote.  This deals with a majority of society, but most will not even admit to it.  I myself have seen it first hand and despise it more than a lot of things I run into.

Look at all of the reality television shows out there.  Tell me there is not someone you have run into, who watch these kinds of programs and try not to imitate them and I’ll call you a liar.  People want to compare themselves to these liars on television just to improve their “life of excitement”.  Same with Soap Operas, video games, or what have you.  There is someone out there always wanting to be like the people they see on television and believe that’s how life should be, when you should be happier with being yourself.  I especially hate people who claim they are Navy SEALs or some kind of special operations operative when they haven’t even touched a firearm in a real combat environment or even graduated from bootcamp, let alone an infantry type school.  These are the people I hate most of all, but that’s not what I want to hit on.

Be proud of who you are, and begin to study life more closely. Stop being the person who walks the straight line just because everyone else seems to be doing it.  Like my mother used to ask my sister, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” This goes for anything you learn in life.  Just because our schools are teaching one side of the book does not mean you have to take their word on it. There are many things out there that are left undiscovered and until someone finds whatever it may be, it will stay left in the dark, such as a cure for cancer or AIDS.  If none of my blogs I’ve written before this have really sunk in, then after reading this one, go back and look again at what I put out there.  One of my goals is to educate those whom are willing to take off the blinders and start seeing what we have seen in the American Nazi Party.

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