Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

America and the USSR; Same People According To This....

The “Nazis” fought to stop communism.  However, the U.S. along with her Allies went into Germany to stop Germany with the help of Communism.  Then after WWII, America went through the Cold War, fighting in Korea, Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis, etc. to stop Communism.  Now look at the chart below and tell me why in the world did we fight against it, yet we became it?  Don’t say that it came just under Obama.  It happened under the noses of Republicans and Democrats alike.  Following those to parties makes you just as guilty as they are.  It’s about time you put your foot down and take a stand against Communism!!

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  1. Well said. The United States has a long habit of hypocrisy. We put Saddam Hussein into power, then we fought against him. We put the Taliban in power in Afghanistan, and now we're fighting against them.

    We fought the Communists for decades. Now we've become them. It's crazy.

    Dan 88!


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