Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little National Socialist Philosophy

This is a long post from “Mein Kampf” however I feel it to be in accordance of us today in America.  I also feel the same way and I believe this should be shared with everyone in the NS community as well as the outsiders who think they know about NS but really haven’t the slightest clue.

“Mein Kampf” pg 314

“Despite all the celebrations of honour of the national flag and the Constitution, every section of the German people feels that the present Reich is not in accordance with its heart’s desire.  And the Law for the Protection of the Republic may prevent outrages against republican institutions, but it will not gain the love of one single German.  In its constant anxiety to protect itself against its own citizens by means of laws and sentences of imprisonment, the Republic has aroused sharp and humiliating criticism of all republican institutions as such.”

“Mein Kampf” pg 315

The old Reich gave freedom to its people at home and showed itself strong towards the outside world, whereas the Republic shows itself weak towards the stranger and oppresses its own citizens at home.  In both cases one attitude determines the other.  A vigorous national State does not need to make many laws for the interior, because of the affection and attachment of its citizens.  The international servile State can live only by coercing its citizens to render it the services it demands.  Ad it is a piece of impudent falsehood for the present regime to speak of ‘Free Citizens’.  Only the old Germany could speak in that manner.  The present Republic is a colony of slaves at the service of the manager.  At best it has subjects, not citizens.  Hence it does not possess a national flag, but a trade mark, introduced and protected by official decree and legislative measures.  This symbol, which is the Gessler’s cap of German Democracy, will always remain alien to the spirit of our people.  On its side, the Republic having no sense of tradition or respect for past greatness, dragged the symbol of the past in the mud, but it will be surprised one day to discover how superficial is the devotion of its citizens to its own symbol.  The Republic has given to itself the character of an intermezzo in German history.  And so this State is bound constantly to restrict more and more sovereign rights of the individual states, not only for general reasons of a financial character but also on principle.  For by enforcing a policy on financial blackmail, to squeeze the last ounce of substance out of its people, it is forced also to take their last rights away from them, lest the general discontent may one day flame up into open rebellion.”

“We, National Socialists, would reverse this formula and would adopt the following axiom: A strong national Reich which recognizes and protects to the largest possible measure the rights of its citizens both within and outside its frontiers can allow freedom to reign at home without trembling for safety of the State.  On the other hand, a strong national Government can intervene to a considerable degree in the liberties of the individual subject as well as in the liberties of the constituent states without thereby weakening the ideal of the Reich; and it can do this while recognizing its responsibility for the ideal of the Reich, because in these particular acts and measures the individual citizen recognizes a means of promoting the prestige of the nation as a whole.”

And a good quote we should all memorize from “Mein Kampf “is this:  “Because for us the State is nothing but a form.  Its substance, or content, is the essential thing.  And that is the nation, the people.”  Pg 317 

People today have no idea what National Socialism stands for.  They only perceive things in their faith on what they were taught here in the U.S.  I put things like this out there so everyone can get a better grasp on what we are supposed to know and act accordingly.  I feel this is a good post to have because of what’s going on with politics of today and getting this type of message out will help those understand that there is another party out there. I have friends telling me they want to go independent and I tell them they need to look more into the ANP and what it stands for.  Getting them to look past the swastika is the hardest part I find, however, I keep speaking politically with them and hopefully they’ll begin to start opening their eyes more to what the truth really is.


  1. We all have to remember as White people, that Adolf Hitler was for WHITE people and wanted the best for his own kind. We understand that certain people can't get past our HOLY symbol because they are so conditioned by MEDIA-PROPOGANDA run by the Jews who are the masters of LIES! It will just take time for some, what you are doing is Awesome!

  2. Thank you very much!! I guess sometimes it just drives me crazy that they agree with me but can't get their heads around the symbol. You're right though; it will take some time and all we can do is keep doing what we do. They will eventually start to understand.

  3. Forget the masses for now. As Hitler wrote - 'we NS are looking for that small minority of people, who have the majority of the Will and deternimation to ACT!". We'll concern ourselves with the masses once we have achieved critical mass, per our organization. ROCK 88!

  4. True, and that's what I guess is hard for me to overlook sometimes. It's even hard for me to find the small few who want to look past the swastika and that makes it harder most of the time for me. I'm really trying, but still no luck. I'm not giving up; they'll soon figure it out.


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