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Louisiana Confederate Flag

Friday, July 27, 2012

Republicans and Democrats

Today is a good post for me as well as it is for the rest of the people who read this blog.  I’m on the second book of “Mein Kampf” which is my favorite part.  Hitler describes so much more about politics and such that it even reflects on today’s idiots that are in office.  I found my favorite passage last night and I have to share it with you all today, so while you read it, think about all of the politicians out there that keep getting elected or are trying to get elected. 

“Mein Kampf” pg 211

“For these people change their convictions just as the soldier changes his shirt in war-when the old one is bug-eaten.  In the new programme everyone gets everything he wants.  The farmer is assured of protection for his products.  The consumer is assured that his interests will be protected in the market prices.  Teachers are given higher salaries and civil servants will have better pensions.  Widows and orphans will receive generous assistance from the State.  Trade will be promoted.  The tariff will be lowered and even the taxes, though they cannot be entirely abolished, will be almost abolished.  It sometimes happens that one section of the public is forgotten or that one of the demands mooted among the public has not reached the ears of the party.  This is also hurriedly patched on to the whole, should there be any space available for it; until finally it is felt that there are good grounds for hoping that the whole normal host of philistines, including their wives, will have their anxieties laid to rest and will beam with satisfaction once again.  And so, internally armed with faith in the goodness of God and the impenetrable stupidity of the electorate, the struggle for what is called ‘the resurrection of the Reich’ can now begin.”

“When the election day is over and the parliamentarians have held their last public meeting for the next five years, when they can leave their job of getting the populace to toe the line and can now devote themselves to higher and more pleasing tasks-then the programme committee is dissolved and the struggle for the progressive reorganization of public affairs becomes once again a business of earning one’s daily bread, which for the parliamentarians means merely the attendance that is required in order to be able to draw their daily remunerations.  Morning after morning the honourable deputy wends his way to the House, and though he may not enter the Chamber itself he gets at least as far as the front hall, where he will find the register on which the names of the deputies in attendance have to be inscribed.  As a part of his onerous service to his constituents he enters his name, and in return receives a small indemnity as a well-earned award for his unceasing and exhausting labours.”

“When four years have passed, or in the meantime if there should be some critical weeks during which the parliamentary corporations have to face the danger of being dissolved, these honourable gentlemen become suddenly seized by an irresistible desire to act.  Just as the grub-worm cannot help growing into a cock-chafer, these parliamentarian worms have the great House of Puppets and flutter on new wings out among the beloved public.  They address the electors once again, the malicious obstinacy of their opponents.  They do not always meet with grateful applause; for occasionally the unintelligent masses throw rude and unfriendly remarks in their faces. When this spirit of public ingratitude reaches a certain pitch there is only one way of saving the situation.  The prestige of the party must be burnished up again.  The programme has to be amended.  The committee is called into existence once again.  And the swindle begins anew.  Once we understand the impenetrable stupidity of our public we cannot be surprised that such tactics turn out successful.  Led by the Press and blinded once again by the alluring appearance of the new programme, the bourgeois as well as the proletarian herds of voters faithfully return to the common stall and re-elect their old deceivers.  The ‘people’s man’ and labour candidate now change back again into the parliamentarian grub and become fat and rotund as they batten on the leaves that grown on the tree of public life-to be retransformed into the glittering butterfly after another four years have passed.”


This is what I’m talking about; every politician is the same way no matter which class they stand for.  They will say anything and do anything to please you, but once they are elected, you go through the same bull once again.  

I watched a political ad yesterday on Mitt Romney by Obama.  It’s with Romney singing ‘America the Beautiful’ while it shows all of the negative things Romney has done.  The funny part is, at least Romney is showing patriotism, something I’ve never seen Obama do.  On the other hand, the facts that the commercial on Romney are more than likely true which means he will also hand us over to other countries, i.e. outsourcing and such.  So this means your jobs are still going to be in jeopardy, the borders I’m sure will not be secured and they will all be “Puppets of the House” as usual.  To change America, you will first have to break away from the Republican and Democratic liars of America and team up with a party that is actually for the AMERICAN WORKER and not for anything but them.  Today as you read this, the gun ban will more than likely be signed and it will be to my regret and satisfaction.  It is the American People who let things such as this happen and it will be by the American People that this Nation will fall on it’s knees pleading for mercy.   

I have news for you; mercy is what a coward begs for and I much rather die on my feet than die like a coward on my knees begging for mercy.  If you really want to save this country, team up with the ANP and help us take back what is ours.  Let’s secure our borders and put our people back to work.  I don’t know about you, but I really miss things that were made of AMERICAN STEEL and things of that nature; we had pride once before, don’t you think it’s time we get it back?


  1. "America the Beautiful"?! WTF Maybe at one time, a LOOOONG TIME ago, but when I go out my door, I see racial trash of the third-world everywhere. Along with the human garbage, is the literal trash, this country has lost every vestige of morals and decency. Perhaps to Mr. millionaire Romney, this country IS "beautiful", in as much as its a grazingland for Judeo-Capitalists like HIM to shear the sheeple! There's an old saying - patriotism is the last refuge for the scoundrel. Seeing these systemites wrapping themselves in the flag, while destroying America is sickening. 88!

  2. That is exactly how I felt. They'll do anything and say anything to get the masses to vote for them these days. I hate the fact that this is the way it is and until we start awakening the masses, they'll keep believing whatever they hear by these liars from the Dems and Reps these days. But it took Hitler over 10 years; we still have a ways to go. The only problem I have here in Louisiana is people agree with me, but the second they hear the word "Nazi" or see the Swastika, they immediately shift their gears to a grinding halt. Unless we can get them to understand they had the right way and we were taught wrong, I'm starting to believe we will also be stuck for another few years until we can get them on the same page.

  3. Thing to remember Comrade, is that as Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, that we only need a small percentage of the population, " Who embody the majority of the Will and determination to act!". Heck, with only 1% of 1% of the Aryan population, we would be a powerhouse! I bet that in each and every town and city across America, that there is at least ONE person who would embrace National Socialism, if only these freakish hollywierd nutzi's would get out of the limelight and let real NS get our message across. 14/88!

  4. You are so right and I'm very glad that you pointed that out. I guess that's what keeps me striving to get the message out there. Someone will understand and all it takes is a spark to ignite the fire. Thanks for the comment; it actually motivated me more!! 14/88!!!


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