Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Political Doctrine

“Mein Kampf” pg. 217

“The German National Socialist Labour Party extracts the essential principles from the general conception of the world which is based on the folk idea.  On these principles it establishes a political doctrine which takes into account the practical realities of the day, the nature of the times, the available human material and all its deficiencies.  Through the political doctrine it is possible to bring great masses of the people into an organization which is constructed as rigidly as it could be.  Such an organization is the main preliminary that is necessary for the final triumph of this ideal.”


Last night, as I read this paragraph, I thought to myself about some of the things we have affecting us here in America today.  We have so many deficiencies here that a lot of NS will look more at the small things and not really look at the big picture. 

Sure, most of us already know about how the media is biased when it comes to “hate crimes” and such, but what about the bigger picture?  It’s ok to point these things out, but if that’s all that we really focus on, then we do nothing for the country itself.

Now you’re asking yourself, “What does he mean?”  Well, take the Flag of the U.S. for instance.  In your hometown, think to yourself how many American Flags do you really see flying proudly in public?  In Louisiana, there are very extremely small towns that will show patriotism, but the bigger ones show none.  As a National Socialist, you should automatically be able to point that out primarily because we are Nationalist, right?

Next, look at the business’s that are in your town.  Look and see who is actually working in them.  Are there more American versus illegals, or what have you.  Here in Louisiana, it seems it is more blacks versus whites in a lot of areas.  We have illegals, however, they’re far and in between as of right now.  Here in Northern Louisiana, they are starting to build more business here, which means more jobs.  However, the main people who own small business where I live happen to be Indians from India.  They own mostly gas stations and liquor stores.  However, my father is in industrial work.  They are laying off many people do to more technology in industry.  I found this out because he told me his job was on the line, even though he had been there for almost 20 years now.  I asked him if they were shipping business overseas and he told me they were not.  So I believe more education in the technological field would be something to start looking into pushing for the younger generation who want to do industrial work.

The other two things that are hurting bad here are education and medical.  The government is always downsizing both, which is probably the worst thing that can be done.  These two things we really need to make our younger generation survive to build a better economy.  That is something that really needs to be pushed as well here in Louisiana.

The big point I’m trying to make is that everybody sees us as these crazy bigots that are out for racial purposes.  We have so much bigger problems and I believe what I put in the beginning from “Mein Kampf” will show you that there are more pertinent things going on in our times and that’s what we need to focus on as National Socialist.  I don’t care what the NSM or any other group out there is doing.  What I can say is they make it harder for us to show what we are really about.  It’s time we all start digging down and start looking at what is hurting us in each area where we live, show the masses we are here to fix those problems and promote who we are in that type of light.  I really believe that’s why are Chairman, Rocky Suhayda, has us focusing on our areas as he said in the radio show this past Friday evening.  Don’t be the stereo-type Nazi the public sees us as; be the Patriotic White Workers of America that we are!!


  1. What we must always bear in mind, is that the situation in Germany, and that in 21st Century America - altho having numerous "similarities" - still, are quite different. An example would be the race-issue - in Germany it was basically Whites vs Whites - they didn't have a society like ours. Again, here in SE Michigan its the ARABS ( the largest enclave outside the Middle-East ) who own and run GAS STATIONS, TOBBACCO OUTLETS, MINI-MARTS, VIDEO, and much more, almost 100% . WHY? Because the SYSTEM allow them to pay ZERO TAXES for SEVEN YEARS, after getting a government "low-interest loan", so after the seven years are up - they in turn sell it to another relative coming from the sandbox and it starts all over! Plus, they "hire" ONLY relatives undercover and pay no SSI etc there either! And this comes from all those "pale-faces" in YOUR supposed government, who care MORE about foreigners than you or I! Mad enough YET, Whitey?

  2. That's one of the things many White Americans fail to see even though they look it in the face everyday. We have the answers, yet the sheep still flock to the Democrats or Republicans to save them. They really believe there will be a leader that will emerge from one of these parties, yet everytime they elect one, nothing comes of it. It just gets worst and it drives another stake in the American Dream.


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