Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama Visited New Orleans 27 July 2012, Wednesday Evening

President Obama ended four days of travel with a speech in New Orleans Wednesday night to the civil-rights group the National Urban League.
Mr. Obama said he and the organization share the same American land-of-opportunity values.
"That idea that everybody should have a fair shot, not just some, that this country is special because it has grown this magnificent middle class and has provided ladders of access for those striving to get into the middle class. That's the idea that drove me, that's the idea that's driven the Urban League."
The president also announced a new White House initiative aimed at helping African-Americans pursue higher education.

Copied from: http://myarklamiss.com/fulltext?nxd_id=153862 where you can also watch the video of his speech as well.


He is always sticking his two sense where the “African-American” seems to need the most benefit.  If you look at New Orleans, you’ll see it is predominately black.  I use the term black because I’m a European-American, but it would offend people here in the U.S. for saying such a thing.  He doesn’t care anything about the “whites” yet people will swear there is nothing racial about him.  However, the fact that I’m a supporter of the American Nazi Party says I’m racist to most white Americans, in which that isn’t true; it’s just a perception of something nobody really knows anything about.  Follow this link that I place after this sentence and read what the ANP really is about.  http://whitehonor.com/white-power/leadership-by-example/ After you read the article, I challenge you to really think about how you believe we should be as a society in the U.S.

Many people will look at what I have posted today and probably won’t even have the guts to read what that link states in it, but for those who do, it will show you have opened your eyes and want to know more.  Why challenge something that is stereo-typed  about us versus what you really know about us?  Would you rather know the information about a certain subject versus take someone else’s word on it? If so, then you mut be the same person who believes every info-mercial you see because you show that much trust in those people's gimics and have no confidence in the knowledge you actually have on such things.

By the way, I don’t support anyone running for President of the U.S.  The reason being is because Republicans and Democrats are puppets for Israel and the U.N.  They will do anything and everything to please both, and could care less about the American People.  That’s why I chose the road of National Socialism.  It will take us as a Nation to save the American People, but it will take each and every one of you to step up.  Our future generation depends on what we as adults do now in our lifetime. 
Also, if you are one of those people who likes to show support for us guys who are in the military and you think just supporting us is enough, think again.  We don't want to come back to our country being ruined because nobody had the guts to stand up and save the country.  Like me, most went in the military right after high school and not even old enough to drink alcohol legally.  If we have the guts to put our lives on the line for you, what's stopping you from helping a political party saving America?  You don't even have to give out any of your information, which means you don't even have to worry about anything except saving the country.  Are you really that intimidated or are you about ready to make a difference?  I know I get on my "soap box" and make outrageous dares to you guys, but I'm sick of my country going to crap.  I'm sick of people telling me everyday how proud they are that I dedicated 12 years of my life for this country, yet they refuse to even lift a finger to save it from being torn in pieces from within.  So, I'm going to keep being this way until we start getting more supporters.  I'm going to keep shaking my fist at the liberals and anyone who backs up those who threated to destroy my nation.  Stop being a pacifist and start showing you actually give a damn.

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