Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

National Pride

“Mein Kampf” Pg 239

“The teaching should be so orientated that the boy or girl, after leaving school, will not be a semi-pacifist, a democrat or something else of that kind, but a whole-hearted German.  So that this national feeling be sincere from the very beginning, and not mere pretence, the following fundamental and inflexible principle should be impressed on the young brain while it is yet malleable: being ready to make sacrifices for the nation’s welfare.  There is no such thing as a national sentiment which is directed towards personal interests.  And there is no such thing as nationalism that embraces only certain classes.  Hurrahing proves nothing and does not confer the right to call oneself national if behind that shout there is no sincere preoccupation for the conservation of the nation’s well-being. One can be proud of one’s people only if there is no class left of which one need to be ashamed.  When one half of a nation is sunk in misery and worn out by hard distress, or even depraved or degenerate, that nation presents such an unattractive picture that nobody can feel proud to belong to it.  It is only when a nation is sound in all its members, physically and morally, that the joy of belonging to it can properly be intensified to the supreme feeling which we call national pride.  But this pride, in its highest form, can be felt only by those who know the greatness of their nation.”

To bring about change in this country, one must understand that we should have national pride.  We are in no shape or form today able to stand back and say, “The United States is the greatest nation in the world!”  The reason for this is very simple.

Number one is the fact the nation’s leaders outsource the jobs of the American Worker to foreign countries.  Anyone who much rather take in cheap, worthless junk from a foreign nation over what their own nation’s people can build better is automatically against the nation.

Secondly, we have borders that are unsecured, which allows people illegally come here and do as they please.  Most of the time, if they are caught illegally, which I know from experience, if they do not pose a “threat” i.e. felon, then they are sent on their way to continue living here illegally.  The reason I was told is because it costs too much money to send them back to their country.  They much rather be next to the border and ship a dozen versus shipping a sporadic one or two.  Doesn’t anyone understand that small numbers add up or was there something in mathematics that was missed during school?

Third, Many people desecrate the American flag, either by burning it, drawing on it, dipping it, flying another countries flag at the same level and even above it and such things as this.  If anyone needs a lesson on how to display the flag, go to this link here: http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagetiq.html  You should take pride in knowing this and try teaching the rest of the American public the right way and to stop disrespecting the country you are in.  

These are just the primaries that I see.  I know there are many more and many people will probably add to everything I just stated, but the point is, we know them and should be presenting it to the rest of the nation as well. Too many people have the wrong perception of how a country should be, but in “Mein Kampf” it is all spelled out and you just have to know where to look for it.

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