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Louisiana Confederate Flag

Friday, July 20, 2012

Governor Jindal Going After Education

Copied straight from the News Star:

Members of northeastern Louisiana's legislative delegation who fear the University of Louisiana at Monroe will suffer an even deeper cut than the
8.4 percent announced last month met with the state's higher education chief Wednesday in Baton Rouge.
"Even though the funding formula said the cut is (8.4 percent), I know it could be and will likely be higher," said state Sen. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi. "I'm concerned it could be more than what we could stand."
Thompson, House Appropriations Chairman Jim Fannin, D-Jonesboro, and Rep. Bubba Chaney, R-Rayville, met with Commissioner of Higher Education Commissioner Jim Purcell to discuss the possibility of additional cuts and an overall funding formula they believe shortchanges some universities like ULM.
ULM's announced cut is already the largest among schools in the University of Louisiana System.
President Nick Bruno said he has no indication the proposed 8.4 percent cuts will grow. In fact, Bruno said a budget is being crafted now based on the 8.4 percent reduction.
Bruno said he expects to release the new budget, which could include program and staff cuts, sometime next week.
These cuts will be on top of numerous other cuts the university has had to make over the years.
"Every reduction now becomes harder," Bruno said. "It's taking longer to finalize than last year."
While he said he is not aware of an immediate change in ULM's budget of approximately $74 million, Bruno said he would not be surprised by another midyear cut, which is usually determined around December.
Despite concern by local delegates, Meg Casper, the Board of Regents' associate commissioner for public affairs, said the distribution of funds to the various universities and colleges has already been approved by the board using the designated formula, and the amounts are not going to change unless more cuts are made to the state budget.
"Anything that could impact the state budget typically ends up impacting higher education and health care," she said.
Thompson said he emphasized to Purcell the need to adjust the funding formula.  "I want to see a funding formula that is more equitable and fair," he said.
After the meeting with Purcell, Fannin said he believed the 8.4 percent cut for ULM would remain firm, but not grow.
"It's already a deep cut that will hurt, but unless there are midyear cuts, it will hold," Fannin said.

 My turn to rant:

I know many have also heard how Governor Jindal turned down Medicaid, http://www.wwltv.com/news/politics/Chairwoman-of-Democratic-Party-lashes-out-at-Jindal-over-Medicaid-162700056.html, for the state of Louisiana.  He is hurting those who need medical care, but can’t afford it due to high unemployment here in Louisiana.  Now he’s even going after education that many are trying to get because they want to better themselves in hope of a job.  He is also campaigning with Romney as well, which makes me wonder what Romney has up his sleeve. 
The reason I’m pointing these facts out is because every time I turn around, many are taking sides when it comes to Republicans and Democrats.  If you look at both of them, they are one in the same.  Every one of them go into their offices day to day, pretend to do actual work, but all go for the same cause as each other.  However, come election time, those idiots will run and start feeding you how they will better the American people while making their opponents look bad.  Then the “sheep” flock to the field to place their ballots on the person who spun the best lies and once they are in office, it goes back to the way it was before; a change for the worse and never for the better.  The American people then become upset and will swear up and down how they didn’t choose the idiot that is in office, but will again vote for another liar come election year.
It is time to stop running with the sheep and start understanding there will be no change until you go to a new political party such as the American Nazi Party.  The lies about National Socialism have made everyone so scared of it that they will refuse to even look into it.  If you go to the link: http://www.nslobbyist.com/page4 you will see what it did for Germany and what it could do for us here in the U.S. today.

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