Louisiana Confederate Flag

Louisiana Confederate Flag

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

American Challenge and Dare

I just read http://www.mrc.org/articles/chick-fil-publicly-acknowledges-its-conservative-media-upset and I’m so mad that I had to write this blog.

I was born and raised in Louisiana.  We have Chick-Fil-A’s everywhere here in the Northeastern portion of Louisiana and I never had a problem with them speaking their minds.  They are a family owned franchise and I do back them on their stance.  My personal perspective on the gay marriage deal is they have gone overboard with their stance.  What you do in your own home is your personal business, but if you want the whole world to hear about it, expect backlash. 

I can’t stand the fact that this has become so crazy that people want to boycott a family business like Chick-Fil-A.  They still believe in the old southern family values that we were based on, which is tradition.  That’s one of the things that are wrong with this country today.  We have lost so much of the traditional routes of our ancestors that it is amazing that we are still a country today.  Ever wondered why Hitler got so upset in the beginning before he became so famous?  It was the same thing; Germany had lost their traditional routes and it was to the point people had no true national pride anymore. 

Our country is going to crap so bad these days that the media gets to use things such as this article to show how bad we are getting. It gets all of the “crazies” in an uproar and then everyone in politics will jump on this to try to win the “hearts and minds” of them.  This is where I draw the line.  I will tell you how it is and if you don’t like it, then so be it.  Our leaders lost their self-respect when they began bowing to the masses and not sticking to what needs to be addressed. 

If you don’t like the country and have no desire to better it, get out why you still can.  We have enough negativity in this country to last several more decades and it needs to be squashed.  If you really and truly care about your family and your children’s generation, it’s time to step up and do the right thing now.   

Hitler said, “Sooner will a camel pass through a needle's eye than a great man be "discovered" by an election”.  The reason why this is true is because all we have trying for political office today is the fact that nobody has the guts to say what’s on their minds.  Too many people today much rather see the day and not worry of the future until the future becomes today.  That’s when the crazy phrases, “I should have done this” or “I should have did that” comes to mind, but your time has run out.  So you hope for a miracle, but it will not happen until you let down your guard and actually be like the rest of us to take a step forward. 
So what you have heard all of the bad things about Hitler, why not look at the Great Things that he did?  Are we so naïve that we let the rest of the country dictate what we should and shouldn’t know about history?  NO!!  I wasn’t.  I had the luck of having a great history teacher when I was in high school to tell me that there are two sides to every story in history.  I was also told not everything I will read will be truthful and I must be the judge and jury.  If I had the guts to learn this type of history for myself at the age of 17, why in the world is the rest of the U.S. sitting back and not giving us a try?  Are they really that scared to do anything?  If they are, and yes, that means you reading this, then I want you to look at your children or anyone else you so dearly love; tell them you are sorry that you didn’t have the audacity and courage to stand up and make a difference for their future.  Tell them you hope they have the courage to do what you couldn’t but if they don’t live that long, that your sorry that you ended their life so short.  Or you can get on the ANP14.COM website and try to figure out what in the world you need to do to make a difference.  I’m not asking you just as a supporter, but I’m asking you as a parent and someone who really cares about the future of the United States of America.

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